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We are pleased to announce our partnership with US Club Soccer’s id2 program as the kick starter to our league’s highly successful Player Development Program.

This year’s US Club Soccer’s id2 Class are Girls and Boys born in 2011s.

Through cooperation by numerous soccer leaders in Southern California’s four regions (Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego), our extensive 160+ person scouting network has selected the top girls (born 2010) and top  boys (born 2010) from each region.  Selected players from SOCAL’s member clubs will be invited into regional training centers throughout 2024 to be selected to represent their Regional Team.

In December, the 4 regional teams will converge and compete in an inter-regional competition playdate at Silverlakes Sports Complex to be selected as the top 30 players to represent Southern California. 

Following the  inter-regional competition,  in collaboration with US Club Soccer id2 staff and SOCAL Soccer League’s PDP staff, the top 30 girls and top 30 boys will spend the morning being assessed in a training environment and then the afternoon in a game environment to be selected to an id2 regional camp.

Top players, from US Club Soccer's PDP programs who are invited into the id2 regional camp will have a chance to be selected and attend a future national camp and possibly selected to the US Club Soccer id2 National Team.  The id2 Team will get an opportunity to travel abroad and compete on an international tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my player involved? 
The Player Development Program is an exclusive, invitation-only initiative where players are meticulously scouted and directly contacted by our dedicated PDP Staff. If you know of a player whom you believe deserves our attention, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at
Are there any costs for participating? 
The only cost in the PDP program is for the top 30 players selected to represent their region in the id2 regional selection playdate later in the fall. This involves a $100 fee to purchase the PDP Regional Uniforms, which consist of 2 full player kits (2 jerseys, shorts, socks).
What are the benefits of PDP?
  1. To Develop Players
Top players thrive in a competitive setting that pushes them for higher levels of skill and readiness. They lead their teams, setting an example for their peers and inspiring hard work. Maintaining their position requires ongoing development, while their dedication motivates teammates to strive for program entry. Exceptional players might catch the eye of scouts for Youth National Teams, Professional leagues, and College Showcases. They could travel in regional/state teams in national/international events, connecting with and learning from peers across clubs.
2.  To Develop Coaches
Coaches gain valuable chances to explore and learn from diverse soccer environments beyond their own. They collaborate, share insights, and contribute to the growth of our soccer community through mutual learning and teamwork.
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