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Board of Directors

SOCAL soccer league is governed by a Board of Directors and a Technical Committee. The board is comprised of 5 officers and 2 league executives who oversee the administrative policies and affairs of the league.

Alberto Bru - President

Michelle Chesters - Executive Director

Don Ebert - Vice President

Rick Hough - Treasurer 

Mauricio Ingrassia - Vice President

Dave Mildrew - Secretary

Bob Turner - Executive Director SD

The Technical Committee is made up of 6 directors and 3 league officials who are responsible for maintaining the leagues rules and regulations governing the interplay of member club teams.

Colin Chesters - SOCAL State Cup Commissioner

Teddy Chronopolous - Pateadores

Steve Cowell - City SC

Blake George - SOCAL NPL Commissioner

Cris Gilmore - SOCAL Director of Special Programming

Josh Hodges - Legends FC

Robbie Mulligan - So Cal Blues

Ryan Marquez - Rebels SC 

Brian Waltrip - Los Angeles SC

Technical Committee

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