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SOCAL is a youth competitive soccer organization, sanctioned by US Club Soccer that offers programming for players U7-U19, boys and girls.

We have member clubs throughout Southern California from Ventura County down to San Diego County and all counties in between. Our member clubs offer a variety of different programs to their members.

Our Competitive programming has multiple levels so that there is a level of play for every player that wants to learn the beautiful game of soccer.


Our programming is "flight" based. Starting with Flight 4, the level of play works up to Flight 1 and then the NPL as our most competitive level of play.


NPL is the top level of competition in SOCAL. These teams play their games home & away with a chance to qualify for US Club Soccer's NPL Finals in Colorado in July 2024.

Flight 1 This division has promotion/relegation with the NPL. They play home/away and can play outside of their geographic area since they are vying for promotion into NPL. Teams participate in the SOCAL State Cup for a chance to qualify for the US Club Soccer National Cup Finals in Denver, Colorado - July 2024.



Flight 2 is a competitive level of play. These games are scheduled geographically. These teams participate in the SOCAL State Cup.

Flight 3 is a lower level of competition. These games are geographically scheduled within your city/county. SOCAL State Cup is optional for these teams.

Flight 4 is the level between Recreational and Competitive. These are games that are scheduled within the teams own community (similar to recreational scheduling) but with a little more of a competitive flare to the games. SOCAL State Cup is optional for these teams.



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